Secret Mug


You are here to solve the riddle of your Secret Mug.



When I started this project, I thought “I just wanna be happy doing what I love” and certainly I am anytime I make a drawing or an Illustration for this project, however, I found out in the way that happiness is more than that.

If you forgive, no matter how much you’ve been hurt, you’ll be free from anger and pain. It’s not easy, oh no no no, it isn’t! That’s why I think it is so hard to be happy these days.

The good news is that smiling to life, to every single gift you receive everyday from a beautiful sunrise to a simple “thank you” from a stranger, makes up a big reason to keep going, to keep smiling and to giveaway.

You are a smile away to be happy. Wanna try?

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Published by Jose Jimenez Vega

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