Whale Wonderland

Greeting cards | 4.5 x 6.5 in.
Product Code: C-9 (plain)
Product Code: GC-9 (with golden paint)

Individual | USD $6.00 (plain) | USD $7.00 (golden paint)
10 pack | USD $50.00 (plain) | USD $60.00 (golden paint)
20 pack | USD $80.00 (plain) | USD $100.00 (golden paint)
30 pack | USD $100.00 (plain) | USD $130.00 (golden paint)

What we love:
♥ Printed on high quality paper.
♥ Includes envelope.
♥ You can mix packs with different greeting card models.

Lo que nos gusta:
♥ Impreso en papel de alta calidad.
♥ Incluye sobre.
♥ Puedes mezclar los packs con diferentes modelos de tarjetas.

If you’re interested on getting this artwork, please send us an email to sales@nosgustaelmar.com with the product code and quantity.

Available in Panama City at the moment | Shipping cost not included.

Si te interesa adquirir esta pieza, por favor envíamos un correo a sales@nosgustaelmar.com con el código de producto y cantidad.

Disponible en Ciudad de Panamá por el momento| No incluye costo de envío.


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