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Plastic is the number one enemy of the sea. This is how Nos gusta el mar sin plástico (we love the sea without plastic) is born in order to promote the responsible use of it. It is impossible to get rid of all the plastic on the planet because we use it in different ways, however we believe in education as part of the solution and art as a vehicle to bring the message to more people.

In collaboration with Canvas Urbano and Marviva, we created an art contest called #NosGustaelMarSinPlástico where we invited local artists to present their proposal for a mural about sea pollution. The requirements included a specific color pallet, creativity, message, quality and experience on painting. The winner was Pape Ink.
In this video, we share his appearance and other artists’ contribution to Canvas Urbano and Marviva’s movement during Oceans Month.

Video created by mfgonz

Get creative with this coloring illustration for you or your children, and help us to raise awareness about sea pollution through art. Free download (only for personal use)

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