— Our favorite spots near the ocean and how to get there —



🐠Location: Tonosi, Los Santos. Panama

🐠Recommended Hotels: La Finca Cambutal, Boom Shiva, Casa Cambutal.

🐠What we love: The most quiet beach we’ve ever visit! Sunrises and sunsets are a must thing to enjoy. Nice waves to surf, cool spots to stand in your paddle board and playful beach to hang out with family and friends. Camping is allowed!

🐠How to get there:
By car: Drive on the Panamerican Highway until you get to Los Santos. Then go to Tonosí and finally drive to Cambutal. You can use WAZE perfectly. ETA from Panama city is 5 h 30 m.

By bus: Pick a Panama-Tonosí bus Albrook Terminal leaving 7:30 am. Once in Tonosí, check on the Tonosí-Cambutal buses that usually leave at 2:00 pm. If you don’t get a bus, you can pick up a taxi (more expensive). You can also use the route via Panama-Las Tablas- Cambutal, but we recommend this one on the return. Be prepared because is a very long and exhausting trip, but worthy ✨


🐠Location: Bocas del Toro, Panama

🐠Recommended Hotels: Boom Shiva Aqua Lodge, Selina Hostel

🐠What we love: Activities all the time. You can either drive on a bike in town or pick the boats that offer different tours to close islands. Quiet waters to dive in and enjoy beautiful nature underwater. Delicious restaurants and party at night!

🐠How to get there:
By plane: The fastest and most recommended way! ETA from Panama city via Air Panama is 1 h aprox.

By bus: Pick the bus to Almirante at Albrook Terminal 7AM. It’s a very long trip (near 10 hours), so be prepared. Once in Almirante, pick a taxi to the port and then a taxi boat to Colon Island. If you really love adventures, this trip is for you, however we highly recommend not to travel alone ✨

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