Our web page is up!

We are so glad to share with you, that our web page finally is up and running. We have a new gallery with the latest artworks, shop, blog and more.

We have the “News” section in the menu, which is this space where we’ll share updates on our latest activities, and other cool things about the brand, new releases, workshops, beach cleaning and others.

We also have included a CATALOG with all the items from our collection classified by type. In this section, you will be able to make filters by: Best Sellers, Gifts, Souvenirs, Giclées (or prints), Greeting Cards (also classified by theme) and any new release.


Every piece in this section, contains general information of the product, price, and other features. At this moment, we are only receiving cash or bank account transfers in Panama City as we are a very little project, however, we believe that in a near future, this platform will improve.

This is a GREAT ACHIEVEMENT for us, as some of you always send messages asking for availability of products and prices. We are pretty sure that this section will help a lot on this, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

You will also find in the menu our “Say Hi” section, where you can get in touch with The Captain, to show some love to the brand or collaborate in projects.


Last but not least, the Legal information with regards to the use of our illustrations. We are happy to use Creative Commons, as we want to spread the love to the world, but also to feel confident on how our artwork is recognized and used!

If you’re wondering what about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and us, well, we use your information to get in touch with you about a product you’re interested on, or to answer any question you send to us. We don’t like spamming; it’s time consuming and boring, so our communications are given mostly via our Social Media accounts or the News section in this website.

Also we have created this space within WordPress, a very trustworthy platform that complies with all regulations, and protects your personal information as well as ours. So if you ever want to make a formal request on how we use your information in the future, we’ll be glad to help!

Well, that’s it! Welcome aboard, we know that you’ll love our new little space, and we look forward to continue traveling across the imagination with you on board.





Published by Jose Jimenez Vega

Illustrator, Designer & Creative from tropical-rainy Panama 🌦🌴

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